The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

The hall was created using traditional refined construction methods using cypress grown in
Sugihara's hometown of Gifu. It accentuates the cultural differences between faraway Lithuania
and Yaotsu town where he was born with the architecture projecting his warmth and humanity beyond the bounds of time and space. The memorial hall houses a spacious wood framed exhibition room, Sugihara's office,
and a lookout room offering a panoramic view of Yaotsu town.

Hall Information

Decision Room
Could you have made the same decision in this room?

You'd have telegraphed a request - "May I issue visas to the refugees?" and would have already received the answer, "You may not issue visas to anyone who cannot follow formal procedures." You're at the point where you have to choose between saving Jewish lives and your rising career as a Japanese diplomat. Sugihara was faced with this exact dilemma.

Decision Room

More detailed information and descriptions may be accessed with a Smartphone.

Comprehensive descriptions of the exhibits can be viewed within the hall using a Smartphone or other mobile device. Access to the information is also available using tablets provided in the hall. Please feel free to inquire at the Reception Desk for questions about usage or other matters.


General Information

Opening Hours
9:30 - 17:00 (Final admission is 16:30)
Closed Days
The Memorial Hall is closed on Mondays.
If a national holiday occurs on a Monday, the Memorial Hall will be closed on the following Tuesday.
Closed on New Year’s Day
※Closed on the following day after holidays and carry hover holidays. More information
Admission Fees
Individual Adult ¥300 / Child Free
Group (20 people or more) Adult ¥250 / Child Free
Dear Visitors
We ask your cooperation that everyone may enjoy visiting the Memorial Hall.
  • Please refrain from smoking.Please refrain from smoking.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking.Please refrain from eating and drinking.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures.Please refrain from taking pictures.
  • Please do not bring pets.Please do not bring pets.
  • Please do not run.Please do not run.

*In cases other than those listed, wherein visitor actions pose a problem to the safe and orderly maintenance of the Memorial Hall environment, visitors may be refused entrance or be asked to leave.


Access Guide

By Train
By car

*There is bus service on weekdays between the Yaotsu-cho Family Center and the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall.
*There is a free shuttle taxi between the Yaotsu Family Center and the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall on weekends and holidays.