The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall

The man who saved Several thousand people lives Chiune SugiharaThe man who saved Several thousand people lives Chiune Sugihara

Opening Hours / 9:30 - 17:00 Closed Days / The Memorial Hall is closed on Mondays. If a national holiday occurs on a Monday, the Memorial Hall will be closed on the following Tuesday. Closed on New Year’s Day ※Closed on the following day after holidays and carry over holidays

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In the end, I made my decision as a human being.

I thought it through all night long. What I did might have been wrong as a diplomat. Still, I couldn’t abandon those thousands of people depending on me. I did not do anything special - I just did what I had to do.

Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall Information

The hall was created using traditional refined construction methods using cypress grown in Sugihara's hometown of Gifu.
It accentuates the cultural differences between faraway Lithuania and Yaotsu town where he was born
with the architecture projecting his warmth and humanity beyond the bounds of time and space.
The memorial hall houses a spacious wood framed exhibition room, Sugihara's office,
and a lookout room offering a panoramic view of Yaotsu town.

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Visit Yaotsu-cho

Yaotsu-cho in Gifu prefecture is where Chiune Sugihara was born.

Kamidaida Terrace Paddy Fields
Verdant rice paddy terraces stretch out for as far as the eye can see. The meter high and wide stone walls framing the paddies step up the mountain. A look at the solid stonework immediately reminds the viewer of the monumental efforts of the villagers expended in creating them and silently proclaims their stalwart history. The 'une' in Chiune's name means the ridge between plowed furrows. The character can also be read as 'se', which denotes a unit of land. Chiune was undoubtedly named with the rice paddy fields of Yaotsu-cho in mind. Visit us here in Yaotsu-cho to learn more about us.

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